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When it comes to your eyesight, having the proper information is extremely important. Here at Mission Creek Optometry, we’ve made it our mission to provide as much information as possible to our patients. We encourage you to check out our blog for helpful tips and information regarding eye health and much more. If you have any questions, contact Mission Creek Optometry today.  See our Google or Facebook page for updated office hours during holidays.

  • woman wearing spectacles
    07/10/2020 - Dr. Scott Percival
    Vision Loss after a Stroke

    Vision loss is an under-reported problem following a stroke.

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  • Conjunctivitis Symptoms and Causes
    Conjunctivitis Symptoms and Causes

    Here is a great diagram of some common symptoms that you may experience with conjunctivitis.

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  • eyelash extension reactions
    26/02/2020 - Dr. Scott Percival
    Eyelash Extensions that result in itchy eyes

    The most common problem we see at Mission Creek Optometry with eyelash extensions is puffy, red and itchy eyelids after the application of extensions.

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  • donating used eyeglasses
    Please Donate your Used Glasses Here

    What a great time of year to donate...the Gift of Sight.

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  • Direct Billing for Eyewear and Eyecare
    Easy Upfront Direct Billing for Eyecare

    Yes, we direct bill most insurance companies. If you have unused benefits, it's time to use it

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  • Dry Eye and Autumn Allergies in Kelowna
    Product for Dry Eye or Autumn Allergies

    Here at Mission Creek Optometry, we strive to help you understand allergies and why you have dry eyes.

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  • eye exam
    20/09/2019 - V. Percival
    What is 20/20 vision?

    With the new year of 2020 fast approaching and being such a significant "catch phrase" in the optical world, here is some clarity as to what it means for your vision.

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  • bigstock-Cannabis-Leaf
    How Does Marijuana Affect My Eyes?

    With so much talk about the legalization of Marijuana and the medical benefits it may or may not have, here is a little insight as to how it affects eye health.

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  • History of eyeglasses
    Interesting Facts from the History of Glasses

    From eyeglasses to contact lenses, we at Mission Creek Optometry in Kelowna can help you with all your vision correction needs. Eyeglasses are a marvel of human ingenuity and have a long and fascinating history. Here are just a few fun facts from the history of eyeglasses:

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  • Optometrist in Kelowna
    What’s the Difference between an Optometrist and an Optician, Anyway?

    Optometrist? Ophthalmologist? Optician? There are a lot of “o” words that are easily confused when it comes time to decide who to visit in Kelowna to get help with your visual health. These titles are similar to one another because they all have to do with our sight and come from the Greek word “opsis,” or “view.” At the same time, each of these words does designate a slightly different way of helping with your vision. Let us at Mission Creek Optometry clarify the situation for you a little bit.

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  • Eye exam Kelowna
    Why are regular eye exams so important?

    Getting an eye exam in Kelowna isn’t simply to check if your glasses are the correct prescription (though that’s obviously an important part of it) or to get contact lenses. During your Eye exam, your Kelowna optometrist will also check your eyes for common diseases, assess the degree to which your eyes are working together effectively, and look for any symptoms of problems in your overall health that affect your eyes.

    Your eyes change as you get older, so different age groups will have to see their optometrist more or less frequently. Young children, teenagers, and those of us over 45 will need to get their eyes checked more often as these age groups eyes change faster than people between 20 and 40. Young children particularly need their eyes checked as they may not be aware of their eye problems at all, and those problems may affect their performance in school.

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  • Eyeglasses and contact lens case lying on eye chart
    Contact Lenses vs. Eyeglasses: The Great Debate

    The choice between contact lenses and eyeglasses isn’t as simple as it might seem at first glance. Before you make your choice and visiting your Kelowna Optometrist for either contact lenses or eyeglasses, you should weigh the pros and cons of each carefully. Most people take several factors into account: the acuity of their vision, the comfort and convenience they get from each option, their budget, and how each affects their style. Here are some more detailed pros and cons in the ongoing debate between the two. Read more to help guide your decision between eyeglasses and contacts in Kelowna today.

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