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Designer & Specialty Eyeglasses & Contact Lenses in Kelowna

Eyewear is about so much more than correcting your vision. Choosing the right eyewear that actually suits your personal tastes and your lifestyle is an important decision. That’s why the friendly team at Mission Creek Optometry is dedicated to helping you find the best look, fit and functionality when you come to us for eyeglasses and contact lenses in Kelowna. We proudly offer a large selection of designer and specialty eyeglasses and contact lenses in the latest styles and colours available from many of the industry’s leading brands, including ACUVUE®, CooperVision®, Dolce & Gabbana, Ray-Ban®, Oakley and Coach, to name but a few. Visit our clinic to browse our eyewear collections and learn more about all of our vision enhancement options available to you:

Designer Frames

We carry a great selection of top designer frames for both eyeglasses and sunglasses in the latest styles and colours, so you’ll be sure to turn some heads with whatever pair you select!

Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are ideal for people who are physically active because they allow you to participate in your sport without being afraid of breaking your glasses or having them get in your way. They also ensure that your peripheral vision remains unobstructed, and they can even alter your eye colour. If you’re interested in learning more about contact lenses in Kelowna, see us for a contact lens fitting and find out if contacts are a good fit for you.


Sunglasses offer UV protection, help you to see better in bright light and keep you looking stylish!

Prescription Eyeglasses

Eyeglasses offer many benefits over contact lenses. They’re usually more affordable in the long run and require little to no maintenance. They also reduce your chances of getting an eye infection because you don’t have to touch your eyes when you wear them. Ask us about our prescription bifocals, progressives, high-index lenses and more. We also offer tips and products to properly care for your lenses and frames. We’re proud to be a one-stop shop for designer eyeglasses in Kelowna!

Lens Treatments

We offer lens coatings and treatments to maximize the effectiveness of your lenses while minimizing the effects of scratches, glare and UV rays.

Transitions Lenses

Transitions lenses use advanced photochromic lens technology to offer 100% UV protection. These lenses automatically darken in the presence of UV light—even on cloudy days—and lighten again once indoors to give you ideal protection and vision in any light.

Visit our Qualified Optician in Kelowna Today!

Whether you need contact lenses or eyeglasses in Kelowna, be sure to pay a visit to Mission Creek Optometry for all your vision care needs. Our helpful staff is ready and waiting to help you narrow down your many available choices to select the right lenses or frames to improve your vision and outlook on life. We welcome new patients of all ages and accept most major insurance plans with direct billing available for your convenience. Contact us today via phone or email to schedule your next eye exam appointment. Depending upon our availability, we also accept walk-ins for many emergency eye care services.

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