3 Benefits to Cataract Surgery

Spring is a great time to consider getting cataract treatment. Your optometrist will evaluate your eye health and then if needed, refer you to an Ophthalmologist who will perform the surgery.  It is deemed one of the safest and easiest surgeries.  Cataract surgery comes with the option of prescription lenses for an additional fee.  

The three benefits of cataract surgery include:

1. Brighter/sharper vision - Cataracts can cause your vision to be cloudy and blurry. After performing the surgery, patients often experience significantly improved vision quality. Colors may appear more vibrant, and objects may appear sharper and more defined.

2. Night vision improves - Cataracts can also impact night vision, causing glare, halos, or difficulty seeing in low-light conditions. After cataract surgery, many patients find that their night vision improves, with reduced glare and clearer vision in dimly lit environments. This can enhance safety and confidence when driving or navigating in the dark.

3. Reading vision improves - Cataracts can affect near vision, making it difficult to preform close up tasks, or reading. During cataract surgery, patients have the option to choose an artificial lens that can correct for near vision, reducing the need for reading glasses or bifocals. This can improve overall convenience and quality of life.

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