Permanent Eyeliner Risks


Permanent eyeliner is currently trending on social media but the risks of this type of treatment is higher than one might think. The procedure is done by a tattoo machine that implants the pigment in the lash line by breaking the surface of the skin.

The area around the eyes has one of the most delicate, thinnest and sensitive skin of all the body. Some of the side effects of the permanent eyeliner includes; 

- Long term damage to the Meibomian glands (oil glands) that are located on the lash line which are responsible for creating an oily layer preventing the tears from evaporation and drying up too quickly. 

- Swelling / Redness / Itchiness: That is expected to happen right after the treatment but should subside within few days.

- Allergic reaction: This can happen if an individual is allergic to the pigment. A patch test should be done before the full treatment. 

- Infection: If the tools and the environment are not sterile, the wound gets contaminated and can develop into an infection.

- Scarring: Since the skin around the eyes and the eyelids are very thin, there is a big chance of permanent scarring and even keloid.

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