Top 5 Eye Health Concerns with Increased Stress.


2023 has just began and already Mission Creek Optometry is seeing an increase of problematic eye health concerns.  People just seem more stressed!

1. Shingles: painful, watery, light sensitivity, skin lesions and swollen lids.

2. Blepharitis: itchy eyes, flakey debris on lashes, inflammation of the lids.

3. Corneal Ulcers: sudden, painful, watery, light sensitivity affecting the cornea.

4. Macular Degeneration: vision loss without pain caused by the breakdown of      eye tissue.

5. Eyelash loss: caused by inflammation or autoimmune disease.

Eye health is related to our overall health so trying to reduce our stress levels could have an immediate impact on our eyes.  We like to recommend a nice walk outside to enjoy all that Kelowna offers. Getting more social has also shown to have positive health results.

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