What is 20/20 vision?

With the new year of 2020 fast approaching and being such a significant "catch phrase" in the optical world, here is some clarity as to what it means for your vision.

Most people are aware of the Snellen eye chart that shows the big E on the top.

When people hear they can read the letters on the chart at 20 feet with clarity, most people feel they have aced their eye exam. 20/20 is associated with perfect vision, even hindsight is 20/20. In optometry, 20/20 is just a standard measurement. Many people are able to see further down the chart.
If you can only see the big E at the top of Snellen's chart at 20 feet, you would be given a fraction (visual acuity) of 20/200. If you can see the smallest letters on the chart, then you have 20/10 visual acuity.
What is not taken into consideration when presenting patients with their visual acuity score is their ability to see a computer screen, small print or just general clarity.
You wonder if Dr. Herman Snellen who developed the eye chart fractions back in 1862 could have predicted how long his measurement system would be in place.
Will 2021 be a great year? For those of us in eye care, it will be amazing.

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