What is Complete EyeCare?

Every year it's time for the comprehensive eye exam. And you will often hear words like "Complete Eyecare" as a part of the routine exam. Depending on your personal needs this will vary.

Here is a quick breakdown guide of what corresponds to a complete exam at Mission Creek Optometry. Dr. Scott Percival provides comprehensive eye care for patients of all ages. Our clinic is proud to offer regular eye exams in Kelowna to help diagnose, prevent and/or treat a range of eye conditions that can have serious effects upon your overall health if left undiagnosed and/or untreated. Learn more about the key eye care services our optometric practice has to offer you and your family:

1. Comprehensive Eye Exams

Regular eye checkups are important, even if you don’t require vision correction. A thorough eye exam involves testing that can evaluate the health of your eyes and spot common eye diseases, as well as assess your vision. Experts recommend having a complete eye exam either yearly or every 2 years.

2. Pediatric Eye Exams

Detecting any potential vision or eye health problems in children early on is crucial to their development. Infants should have their eyes checked starting as early as 6 months old, again as preschoolers or before they start kindergarten and annually throughout their school years.

3. Ocular Disease Management

Our optometrist is equipped with the latest technology to effectively diagnose and help you manage eye conditions such as cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy. The earlier you are diagnosed means the sooner you can be treated—which means a better outcome.

4. Advanced Technology Testing

To ensure we provide the best possible eye care for our patients, our eye doctor relies on the most up-to-date equipment and medical imaging techniques. Our comprehensive eye testing includes visual field testing of your peripheral vision. We have the newest Optos imaging in Kelowna that evaluates over 80% of the retina and screen for medication damage. We also have access to mapping and OCT off site for an additional fee.


5. Emergency Eye Care

Our optometry team can quickly and conveniently take care of all your eye care needs here at our Kelowna clinic. We accommodate eye emergencies such as pink eye and other infections, foreign material removal, eye trauma, sudden vision loss, dislodged contacts, broken eyeglasses, scratched eyes, red or painful eyes, floaters or light flashes and itchy, irritated eyes.

6. LASIK & Refractive Surgery Co-Management

Looking for an alternative to glasses and contact lenses? Try LASIK surgery, cataract surgery or other ocular procedures. We offer knowledgeable counselling on your available refractive surgery options, as well as pre-operative evaluation and post-operative care.


7. Dry Eye Treatment

Dry eyes can lead to eye irritations and an increased risk of infection as well as affect your vision. If you suffer from dry eye syndrome as a result of a chronic lack of lubrication, talk to us about available options to manage your symptoms, such as artificial tears, lid wipes and vitamins.  Free samples are always available to our patients.

8. Orthokeratology (CRT & VST)

Ortho-K is a treatment option to correct mild to moderate nearsightedness and astigmatism. This process uses gas permeable contact lenses to reshape the eye. The lenses are worn overnight and then removed during the day. Amazingly this provides good vision throughout the day.  Ask for a consult today.


9. Low Vision Management

If you have blurred vision, light sensitivity, night blindness or difficulty reading, it’s time to schedule a complete eye exam—even if you have never had impaired vision before. Low vision can be brought on by aging, an injury, genes or eye disease.  Consults with CNIB or Low Vision Rehabilitation can also aid in getting you the resources or products you need.


10. Astigmatism Diagnosis & Treatment

Astigmatism is a common eye condition that causes blurred vision, but is easily treated by eyeglasses, contact lenses or even surgery in some cases. If you have astigmatism, your eye is not round, but shaped more like a football. It can occur in combination with other vision problems.


11. Presbyopia Diagnosis & Treatment

Presbyopia is the normal age-related worsening of vision, usually becoming noticeable after age 40. As we age, the lenses in our eyes thicken, lose elasticity and grow weaker, making it harder for the eyes to focus, especially close-up. Treatment can be as simple as reading glasses or bifocals.


12. Sports & Specialty Eyewear Fitting

Sports eyewear can improve your performance as well as provide eye protection while you’re on the tennis field or on a fishing boat. We offer sports vision testing to see beyond typical 20/20 vision to depth perception, eye-hand coordination and more.

13. Vision-Related Learning Problems in Children

If your child is struggling in school, it could be a result of vision problems (unable to read a book or see the blackboard, etc.). Starting vision care for your children early can ensure their eyes develop properly so they are able to fully participate in class.


14. Computer Vision Syndrome

Do you experience eyestrain, headaches, sore neck or dry eyes from staring at the computer screen for prolonged periods of time? Even if you don’t normally wear corrective lenses, they could be beneficial to lessen the symptoms of computer vision syndrome.


Time for Your Next Eye Exam in Kelowna?

Is it time to schedule an eye exam in Kelowna? We offer comprehensive eye exams for adults and pediatric eye exams for children. Should you ever experience any of the following symptoms: reduced vision, flashes or floating materials in your vision, severe eye redness or pain, eye strain or severe headaches, we recommend you have your eyes examined immediately so we can either rule out or diagnose several serious health conditions. 

Contact Mission Creek Optometry to discuss all of your vision care needs today. We offer direct billing for your convenience and accept most vision insurance plans to help make your eye care at our clinic more affordable.

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